Recovering a QuickBooks Data File that is corrupt

Quickbooks is among the best applications for data recovery. It is less troublesome as compared to other applications out there. Each new version from Intuit is always better than the previous. Every release is produced to address previous issues and problems that have been reported. Users are able to report any issues that arise with ease and intuit resolves them as soon as they arrive. This way the wide user base gets more users by day. The Intuit customer care desk is always ready to cater for the large number of users who are at around four million. Preventing any problem from arising is their first priority. However, all applications have issues at times.

In case your data on QuickBooks is corrupt, it is good to know how to recover the information. QuickBooks is used to back up important data and if that file is corrupted; the information on that file could be lost forever. This gives you more reason to know how to recover the data file. Nonetheless, prevention is better than finding a cure. Below are ways to minimize the chances of having a data file that is corrupt.

Reducing the chances of having a corrupt data file

There are different ways of reducing the risk of data file corruption. The information window for the Quickbooks product contains important information concerning the program. Among the information on the window is the version you are using together with the file that is currently open. The QuickBooks application should be up to date and that the files are of reasonable size. A larger file is at a greater risk of being corrupted. However, this does not mean that a file will automatically be corrupt just because it is large. Files should be monitored now and then to make sure that they do not surpass the standard limit.

The database fragments are also indicated on the information window. Keeping an eye on database fragments is something you should do to avoid file corruption. There should be no more than nine database fragments in a specific file. Having more database fragments will require to do something else to reduce the danger of corruption. Wireless connections are prone to unexpected disconnections thereby posing a great risk of data file corruption in QuickBooks. Ethernet network is better since it’s more stable. The router should be well configured to avoid disconnections from time to time.

Recovering QuickBooks data files

Corruptions occur in more than one way. The methods of repair vary according to the type of corruption involved. Nonetheless, the following techniques can be used to solve most data file corruption scenarios. You can always consult Intuit if you encounter problems. If the issue is about data verification, make sure all QuickBooks lists are resorted, rebuild data, create a company file that is portable, restore it, run the utility for verification of data to confirm it worked.

To locate many issues to do data corruption, select the menu of the file, click on utilities and after that verify data. If a message pops up suggesting that QuickBooks is being prevented from progressing by a certain problem, press F2 to see what is preventing the progress. The information window will be displayed.

Press CTRL together with 2, to open the window for Tech help. On this window, press Open File + Tab. Highlight QBWIN.LOG and then open File. Scroll down until the option for data verification is displayed. You will then see the error after which you can now go ahead and solve it.

Author: Keith Harrison