How to become a computer programmer

The IT industry has a number of exciting career opportunities to pursue. One of them is computer programming, which can lead to a very successful career if one has acquired the right skills. In fact, computer programmers make up 8% of the computer designs ecosystem. Employment opportunities are expected to grow substantially by 72% come 2020. This data was published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, this should give you more reasons to become a computer programmer, and here are the steps:

A general understanding of what you’re going to study

As a programmer, you are essentially a technical analyst with skills for writing a sequence of code or instructions which tell computers what to do. The code which you create will produce a set of pre-determined outputs when a user inputs certain parameters. Once you write a code, you will test it as well. If bugs and errors are detected, you will correct and revise the code until it is suitable for implementing the desired outcome.

However, before you can write a program, you will be required to draw a program’s work flow during the design stage. Finally, you will also be required to maintain the code and resolve problems whenever they arise.

Computer programming comes in two categories which include application programming and system programming. As an application programmer, you will write a set of commands that will execute a specific category of tasks. On the other hand, a system programmer will write a set of codes that maintain and control computer operating system, OS and databases.

Get basic education in high school

High school prepares you for the career that you want in computer programming. Therefore, you can take any programming or computer science course that is offered in high school. Take courses in geometry, trigonometry, physics, and algebra. English and even social studies will make you prepared for the general learning requirements when you get to college.

College education

Take a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or even Computer Information systems. But if you want to write programs for specific apps, you can take background courses on those as well. You can take these courses as a minor.

Computer science basically teaches programming and how to write algorithms with C++ or Visual Basics. But courses will also teach operating systems, networks, and database management. These courses will also cover enterprise applications, computer security and organizational management.

Specialize in one area

You may choose to specialize in web development or database development. With the first option, you will write programs that can be used on the web or in a company’s intranet. The second option can be pursued if you want to write programs that store, retrieve and manipulate databases.

Go find internship opportunities

Internship opportunities may be available through the degree program which you are studying. You might also volunteer at a local consulting firm. Any previous experience which you gain on the job can help you secure an entry-level job in the field. If you have pursued your studies up to this level, you will be ready to climb up the corporate ladder as a successful computer programmer.

Author: Keith Harrison