Dell Server and RAID Data Recovery Services

Servers are meant to run in a continuous manner without a downtime. In whatever function that you do, a server is very important in gridding a halt. Losing variable data because of a hard drive can be a severe setback to the business. Data that is lost from the Dell server and RAID is critical to be recovered as soon as possible. Application servers host the web apps by allowing the users to run the software through the browsers of the internet. Servers are autonomous. Like any other storage device, servers can also fail, break down or crash.

Any server failure results in downtime to the business. There are numerous ways in which a server can fail. Hard drive failure that are beyond tolerance of RAID array can result6 to the data loss. Dell servers can also loss data accidentally. Hard drives are arranged in a RAID array. The servers of the RAID 5 provide a fault tolerance when one hard drive fails. Many businesses set servers to have a complex nested level. RAID servers fail because of multiple drives, stripping corruption, fire or flood damage

Professional RAID recovery is the best way of recovering data. When one or more of the hard drive disk in the array fails, it is necessary to rebuild the hard disk to piece back the total disk set. This work needs to be done in a clean room to ensure that the hard drives are not damaged in the recovery process. The experts offer various RAID recovery services depending on how quick you need the RAID array recovery. The following are the steps when one is recovering data in the Dell server and RAID data:

Cloning the hard drives to another healthy hard drives by the use of GNUddrescue in linux. There is a likelihood that one of the hard drives in the RAID array has bad sectors.

  • Connecting the clonned drives to a work station by the use of a USB adapter or SATA.
  • Build a virtual RAID array using R-studio data recovery
  • Extracting the data onto another hard drive

Creating a new RAID array. When you have confirmed that you have the required data, you need to create a new array using the old new drives. The next step is to copy the data back to the new array

A dell data and RAID data recovery can treat the RAID failure scenarios like that of virus damage, electronic damage, etc. The Miami recovery services provide a comprehensive resource for the Dell and RAID data recovery.

Author: Keith Harrison