10 Useless Tech Gadgets in 2019


Technology is advancing so fast and the gadgets that we are using and adoring today won’t be in use in 2019. Some are still on the market and people are still buying them but they are totally useless. Some are so heavy; others are very expensive yet their functioning is wanting. Some of these gadgets are;

  1. Wired telephones

In different companies and offices still, use the wired telephones. They are expensive both to install and maintain. Their spare parts are rarely found and they are highly limited. One cannot make a callback or know when they have one. By 2019, these phones will be totally useless and a waste of resources.

  1. Standard DVD players

Technology is at another level and people are rarely using DVD players. The players have been used in most cases where somebody is afraid of being tracked of what they are watching. Smartphones and flash discs are taking over DVD players and by 2019 they will be rendered useless.

  1. Nokia N-gage

This is a gaming device used by very few people. First, it is slow, has a few games and it is expensive. It is getting useless because of computers and smart mobile phones.

  1. Vacuum cleaner shoes

Past are the days that having these shoes was an achievement, they are useless. They have an inbuilt mechanism that cleans as one walks. They are of no need now, they are heavy, big and expensive for nothing.

  1. Home broadband Ethernet cables

In 2019, this will be useless. It is less used today because of the inventory of the wireless internet connection. The cables are so heavy and they occupy a wider space keeping the working environment dirty and disorganized.

  1. Sony mouse computer talk

This is a device used to make calls when connected to a desktop. The recording of the call is very scratchy and noisy. It is becoming useless because of other new gadgets of making calls and quality recordings.

  1. Smart watches

Smart watches are in rare use and they are being overtaken by other gadgets like tablets that can show time. They are expensive compared to their use and in 2019 they will be completely useless.

  1. Hairdryers

This gadget has been in use for quite some time but the coming of electric hair comp may make it useless in 2019. This is because it mostly requires someone to help you but for the electric comp, you can comb your hair alone. Hair dryers also consume a lot of power.

  1. Buttoned phones

Due to advancement in technology, smart screen phones are highly produced. They are classic and give the user comfort when using them. They can also carry a lot of data and information.

In conclusion, mobile phones, home appliances, and gaming equipment are the most technological gadgets that will be useless in 2019.

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